Here are important MCQs and question answers about our solar system. These are general knowledge questions about our solar system.

Solar System Test Questions

Below are some important topics and questions about our solar system that you may learn for any type of test. Multiple choice questions about our universe and planetary system are asked in tests.

solar system general knowledge questions answers

Solar system General Knowledge Questions

Solar System and Planets!!!

1. There are eight (8) planets in the solar system
2. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system
3. Mercury is the smallest planet of the solar system
4. Jupiter is the heaviest planet of the solar system
5. Mercury is the lightest planet of the solar system
6. Neptune is the coldest planet of the solar system
7. Venus is the hottest planet of the solar system
8. Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun
9. Mercury is the closest to the sun
10. Venus is the brightest planet
11. Jupiter is the darkest planet
12. Saturn is the planet with rings
13. Earth is the blue planet (In some books Neptune is also)
14. Mars is the Red planet
15. Earth is the most colorful planet
16. Venus is the planet with the longest day time (225 earth days)
17. Jupiter is the planet with shortest day time (10 hours)
18. Mercury is the fastest revolving planet
19. Neptune is the slowest revolving planet
20. Jupiter is the fastest rotating planet (on its axis)
21. Venus is the slowest rotating planet (on axis)
22. Mercury and Venus are planets with no Moons or Satellites
23. Venus is called the Morning Star
24. Earth is the only planet with Life
25. Jupiter is the planet with maximum number of Moons or Satellites (79).

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