Zahid Alerts is providing educational information to the students and scholars across the country Pakistan. As a responsible and user-friendly website, Zahid Alerts informs its users that we inevitably collect some of your personal data like IP address, location, Email, Interests, social media profiles, etc. All this is done to provide you more relevant and more realistic information to our readers.
 This website may store cookies in your browser to collect various type of data that is used to display relevant ads, special offers, customized services according to your search history, etc.
The following types of data are collected from your browser:
1. Your location
2. Information of your device, browser and search history
3. Your IP address
4. Other information like your email address, name, etc. This information is collected in order to provide better and more relevant news to you. The sole purpose of this information is to enhance user experience and user engagement on our website. Your information is not given to a third-party.

Why we collect this information?

As I have described that we are constantly making our services better. We need some information to measure the type of traffic and the interests of our users. We use this information to deliver more reliable and interesting news to you.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. We do not leak or forward your information to any party. Your data is safe and secure with us. safety is guaranteed. We do not misuse your personal data in any case. As part of our services, we do not sell anything on this website. So, you don't need to give us your credit card number, your passport number, your bank account number, etc. Some gadgets or services on this website only require your email address or contact number for the provision of some specific information.
For example, when you subscribe to our blog, you need to put your email address there. If you want to get more relevant news, you will select your city name from the list. If you want to contact us through our web-based contact form, you need to give your email address or even contact number for this purpose.

Third-Party Services

Some third-party services like Google Adsense, Google Forms, or Google Drive are being used on this website. So, Being our major partner, Google may collect some of your personal information to deliver you interest-based ads, give you access to some documents or other information, etc. Google stores cookies on your browser to get the information of your search behavior and interests. The sole purpose of this information is to show your relevant ads and give your custom information.

What type of information does Google get?

Google may get the following of your personal information:
1. your gender
2. your email address
3. your country or region
4. your interests
5. your browser or device information

How Google uses cookies?

Google has its own privacy policy which is also applicable to this website. To know how Google uses cookies, please visit the following links: