Muraad Raas says SSEs and AEOs will be regularized not ppsc

Congratulations to all SSEs and AEOs recruited in 2017. A recent tweet by Murad Raas says that All SSEs and AEOs recruited in 2017 will be regularized without PPSC exams. The tweet came when all SSEs and AEOs were preparing the PPSC exams filled with tension and anxiety.

Punjab Govt to Regularize SSEs and AEOs without PPSC exams

Earlier, the govt had announced that SSEs and AEOs recruited in 2017 had to pass PPSC exams for regularization according to the recruitment policy 2017. Teachers Unions and AEOs unions had put serious objections on the decision. The matter was pending until further process.

Now Education Minister Punjab, Murad Raas says that he has signed the summary of regularization and sent it to the provincial cabinet for discussion and approval. He says that the process of regularization of SSEs and AEOs is started and will be followed by himself. Murad Raas had promised the teachers and AEOs for the regularization without PPSC exams.
Now, when we see from a different angle, the changes in the policy is not an easy thing. All stakeholders have to meet up at a consensus that the PPSC exams will not be taken for the regularization. The condition of PPSC exams will be removed from the policy and act together.

Anyhow the chances of regularization without PPSC exams are now appearing.