Sind Govt has decided to take online classes for all public schools in the province. IT professionals will be hired to train the teachers for online classes. Sindh Govt has already started working on the project.

sindh govt announces online classes for govt schools

Sindh Govt will train teachers for Online classes in Govt Schools

The govt has ordered all directors in the province to hire 8 IT professionals in every district. These IT professionals will train the teachers to enable them to conduct online lectures. The directors will submit feasibility reports till June 28.

The teachers will be given IT related training 2-3 hours a day and teaching-related training for 1-2 hours a day. The govt will provide stipend to the trainees. These trained teachers will start taking online classes on august 1, 2020.

In a previous notification issued by the Govt, it was clearly said that the Govt is planning new things to engage the students if the schools are not opened. The Secretary education had issued a notification saying that the students of grade 6 to grade 12 will be given online education.

This move of Sindh Govt is an inspiration for other provinces. The Punjab Govt has already started the TeleSchool project and School Ghar project which are currently giving education to public school students through web portals and Cable TV.

Many Universities of the country had already started online classes for the students. The students of KPK regions, especially from frontier areas are protesting against online classes by universities. The students says that no online classes are possible amidst the poor or no availability of the Internet in the areas.